The Last Minstrel

The Rt. Hon. Godwit Bream

Godwit Bream
(The photograph is of Mr. Bream in a reflective pose)

 …….. It is the art of Mr. Bream to address himself to all levels of society without the faintest hint of superiority or condescension.

He will assume that your day has been trying and that your spirit is in need of uplifting.

All he asks is for your attention as he moves along his chosen pathway, and a yearning for immersion into pools filled deep with his refreshing eloquent prose.

If an outdoors lifestyle is your goal and your hopes are high for a degree of intellectual improvement along the way, you will find his words contain the prettiest humour and hold mental stimulation a plenty. They are sure to inspire.

Godwit Bream stands for all that is beauty and delight in nature……..