The Chief Outdoors Correspondent

 Captain St. John Glorious Farquarson RN (Retired)

(known as Glorious)

Navigator and Gentleman Explorer

The Great Ridge 05012013 001b

(A photograph of ‘Glorious’ basking in the achievement of Mam-Tor  at 1,696 feet above sea level)

The pose is captured at the summit trig point, which is supporting his arm, which is supporting his head, which is doubtless supporting one of his regular unseen hangovers.

Mam Tor, a hill near Castleton in the High Peak District of Derbyshire. Mam Tor means “mother hill”, so-called because frequent landslips on its eastern face have resulted in a multitude of ‘mini-hills’ beneath it.

Glorious comment “Sadly the many surrounding hills and other important landscape features were not visible during this assent due to the encumbrance of bastard-cloud”

Editor comment “Be aware gentle folk of Glorious’s tendency to revert to the language of the street urchin at times of irksomeness – hence the ‘bastard cloud’ with which, I promise, you will become well acquainted in forthcoming contributions from our esteemed Chief Outdoors Correspondent”.