….. “and finally its my time”

Greetings my special  chums, and welcome to ‘The Gentleman Adventurers Chronicle’.

My name is Dave Greenwood.  I’m usually and often  the Trail Reporter for the Pennine Way National Trail:  https://penninedays.wordpress.com/, but in my heart and soul I’m a writer of ripping yarns, tall tales and all manner of outdoors stuff and nonsense.

Within these pages, for good or bad, is me actually being that writer. The Gentleman Adventurers Chronicle’ , my ripping outdoors adventure blog,  finally gives me a chance to be and write who I really am.

As the Pennine Poet, Ammon Wrigley wrote, ‘But whatever I’ve writ – is writ, whether it be blest or curst. O remember the little that’s good and forgive and forget the worst’…… Sounds like a plan!