A Cheery Christmas Message from the Editor


My Dear Festive Chums

Seasonal greetings.

Allow me to wish you and yours a splendid Yuletide!  I sincerely hope that your expectations are exceeded, and that a joyous time is had by all.

The office has closed down for the festivities. Another busy year is finally at the ebb.

I have witnessed my loyal band of contributors exit the building, all setting upon the pathways towards their ‘Noel doings’. They were led as always by the Chief Outdoors Correspondent. Glorious was in high spirits, resplendent in his ‘best’ Harris Tweed three piece, crowned with a festive paper party hat, mistletoe at the buttonhole.

I see this year that he is in league with Mr. Godwit Bream, our ‘new-boy’. Godwit seems eminently comfortable amongst the jollity. Also in tow are usual platoon of faithful followers, any one of whom would willingly follow G to the ends of the earth if he asked.

There was Oscar Long our intrepid staff photographer, Freddie Day, free spirit, chain smoker and wine correspondent, and the redoubtable Harry Trout, field sportsman extraordinaire. Judging from the chaos and giggles Harry caused whilst attempting to wish the typing pool ladies a fond ‘bon noel’, has he already partaken of a glass or two of the Scottish drink.

A goodly number of our valued clericals also bridge the gap during the festive season. It is gratifying to see the whole team band together to wish the season well. They were heading no doubt towards a favoured hostelry for the final toasts to the season.

As the rattle and chatter fades, a pleasant hush descends upon the empty office. In the unusual quiet I am conscious only of the background sounds. Remnants of the Christmas fuddling are tidied away by caretaker and cleaner busy working towards a ‘shipshape’ office in preparation for the extended shutdown.

It is during these final few moments that I can sit at my typewriting machine and compose this seasonal message:

To all those who frequent these pages, I wish you the Merriest of Christmases.

I thank you  for your valued support this year.

I can promise you that I have plenty of the ‘good stuff’ in mind to deliver over the forthcoming year.

If you are truly serious about improvement to your outdoors lifestyle then I recommend wholeheartedly a regular subscription to ‘The Gentlemen Adventurer’s Chronicle’.

I can assure you that the contributors to this publication will be going ‘all-out’ to delight, surprise and entertainment those who visit this place, and who consider themselves Adventurers”.

The gift of the season to you all.


Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, The Gentlemen Adventurer’s Chronicle

Christmastide 2015


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