The Gentlemen Adventurer’s “Quest for Deira, an Odyssey to a Forgotten Kingdom” ……. The Groundwork Begins

Dear Chums

It is all well and good just packing up and charging off after Deira, but what are we actually looking for or intending to find? We need a period of planning and research before we can truly establish our goals and objectives.

All great wanderers have at least some idea of what they are wandering toward. A goal, an objective, a standard by which to measure their achievements. I thought of Shackleton again, then of Livingston, and of course Hillary. Adventurer’s all, successful by varying degree, but all had a plan, an aim, a route to follow.

That was what we needed; Our trek through the foothills should be time spent collecting information, building a picture of this lost mysterious kingdom. I hoped that it would present us with questions to answer, and with that would come our own plan. Hopefully our goal would become ever larger before us, as it surely did for Hillary during his long hike toward base camp in the Himalaya.


I sent Glorious off to search the unfamiliar grounds of ‘the Google’ for the lost kingdom and report back. His efforts proved disappointing, not his fault I hasten to add. It seems that the planets combined digital knowledge, after a search of several million text pages, produced results that were ‘thin’ to say the least. The lost kingdom of Deira didn’t want to give up its secrets easily, which made our target even more tantalising.

At the Gentlemen Adventurer’s Chronicle we have the old fashioned skills of the ‘hack’ in abundance. When it comes to ferreting out a story we are almost peerless. I put my correspondents to work upon this singular task and gradually over the days and weeks, we have together built a kingdom. Ancient archives have been searched. Museum store rooms have been combed, and miles of dusty shelves trawled. An endless river of script, papers and journals waded through, examined and re-examined. Our harvest, our crop, the knowledge we currently hold about the Lost Kingdom of Deira I will present to you in the pages of this Chronicle over forthcoming editions.

By springtime, as the season improves, I am confident that our quest for Deira will begin in earnest. What we have discovered already will I hope ‘wet’ your appetites for the thrill of the chase that lies before any true adventurers, like Echo and Glorious, who dare to search for the Lost Kingdom of Diera.


Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, The Gentlemen Adventurer’s Chronicle


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