The Great Tea-Shop Proclamation

With his tea-shop proclamation that our next adventure should become an odyssey, Glorious had cut straight to the nub. I always expected as much from ‘The Chief Outdoors Correspondent’. He regularly went to the crux, to the heart of the matter, his readers expected no less.

Reflection upon the Odyssey

Odyssey is a much under used term in the outdoors lifestyle business these days. Hijacked by classical scholars, the word hides behind its ‘fashionable’ front-man, Mr Homer:

‘ODYSSEY’, an epic poem attributed to Homer, describing Odysseus’s adventures in his ten-year attempt to return home to Ithaca after the Trojan War’.

But other definitions seem totally appropriate for our needs:

‘ ODYSSEY, a “long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune. An intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest’.

As Editor I had of course considered pushing the boundary even further in the search for a fitting description for this venture. During my deliberations I concluded that ‘expedition’ or ‘exploration’ in the 21st century surprisingly sounded a little ordinary. I had dismissed as plain entitling our endeavour a ‘trek’ or a ‘tour’. I concluded that a ‘pilgrimage’, a ‘vagabondage’, or even a ‘peregrination’, as grand as our intentions were, was perhaps over-egging the pudding somewhat.

No, an ‘Odyssey’ would do just fine. Although perhaps I could include a ‘quest’ as well.

Glorious considers the Quest for Deira

We deliberated for some time on exactly how this ‘odyssey’ should be written up for our readers. We both agreed that an ‘Odyssey to East Yorkshire’ might on its own not be the page turner we were after. Then we hit upon it:

“The Gentlemen Adventurer’s Quest for Deira, an Odyssey to a Forgotten Kingdom”

It is time to begin.

Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, The Gentlemen Adventurer’s Chronicle


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