The Odyssey Continues ————————————————————————— Further Discussions

When I revealed the destination as ‘East Yorkshire’, I had in truth expected a modicum of deflation to the Glorious spirit. I was not disappointed. He sat across the Inglenook staring into the flame, clearly trying to make some sense of what I had just revealed. I was ready to launch my offensive.

‘Well Glorious old chap, I can see that I’ve given you plenty to mull upon, I said in a tone as uplifting as I could manage. ‘Allow me to expand’. We are agreed that what is required to capture readers as a ripping tale of adventure and endeavour?’ I asked him the question. At the first glimmer of facial acknowledgement I continued, keen to build momentum.

‘I reckon that a jaunt to the jungles of South America, a trek to the highlands of the Himalaya, or a struggle with the Alaskan wilderness, whilst grand and gilded and undoubtedly the stuff of readers dreams, would in reality be beyond the scope and means of the average outdoors lifestyle person’. ‘What we need is a journey that is both colossal and rewarding, a grand adventure to leave the reader breathless and constantly surprised, but a stage upon which all can see themselves playing a part’.
Glorious interrupted. “So how an earth is a jaunt around East Yorkshire supposed to grip the dear reader?” Its not exactly a trek to the high Andes in search of forgotten Inca palaces stuffed full of treasure trove’.

‘Well that’s just where you are wrong my dear friend’. I was ready for his charge and parried his thrust easily.

‘Listen I beg you whilst I describe our journey. Open your mind and imagination to the possibilities and the challenges presented. Let me take you upon a great adventure. Our odyssey is a quest for the ‘Lost Kingdom of Diera’.


I had him in an instant. ‘We begin our trek into an unknown landscape with all the dangers and anticipation an untravelled road provides. Gently at first through sweet water meadows and soft rolling hills. Then along forgotten trails through the steep sided valleys of the Wolds where once mighty rivers full of glacial melt-water flowed. These are truly ancient and mystical places full of magic and drama. We will grapple with a rapidly eroding coastal plain forcing us to scale high dramatic chalk cliffs leading us to the lost peninsular of Flamborough’.

‘There will be great mysteries as we encounter massive prehistoric earthworks, and mighty Neolithic monoliths. There will be lost kings and kingdoms, whole dynasties that will lead us ever closer to Diera’.


‘There will be desperate days of bad weather to endure. Sudden snow storms as we transit the high Wolds. Mighty winds will test us through vales and along uncertain edges. There will be wicked fogs and mists to entrap the unwary in desolate sea frets.

‘Our spirits will be uplifted by magical areas full of wild flower and fauna in meadow-lands baked under the high summer sun’. ‘We will marvel at the mighty colonies of seabirds playing out endless aerial ballets’ and we will go far far back into the times of the last great ice sheets and watch the glaciers floating by’.

In our the search for the lost kingdom of Diera, the lands of East Yorkshire will provide us with a mighty tale to recount and supply readers with all the excitement they could wish from any great encounter in the outdoors. All we have to do to travel in these lands and write up our daring -dos’.

I decided to pause and let Glorious speak. His response was animated, clearly enthused by what he had heard. ‘The Gentlemen Adventurers Odyssey’, a quest for the lost Kingdom Diera’ he announced to the half full tea shop. He beamed at his audience who were clearly bemused by his sudden proclamation above the chatter and polite conversation. His gazed turned back to me. ‘Sounds just the thing old chap’ he said, ‘better start making our plans’. Diera eh’, he puzzled again,’never heard of it’.

Well thats where we start I thought and smiled.


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