Buzzin’ in Queenstown!

Greeting Chums

Finally, finally, I have some good news to report upon the fate of our Chief Outdoors Correspondent’, Captain St. John Glorious Farquarson RN (Retired),

Glorious  is alive, and well, and in good spirits.

I have received a communication full of his bewildering exploits which I publish now in haste as encouragement to you all towards achieving a rewarding and successful ‘Glorious’ outdoors lifestyle, and also to placate soonest the army of alarmed supporters desperate for news of their hero.

Glorious reports as follows:

“Queenstown, New Zealand 21:41 Tues
A perfect day today. 0C when we woke but crystal blue sky. Hotting up thru day and 20.3C at 20:40”.

“Evidence follows” ………..


Glorious in obvious high spirits whilst being active in nature!

“Been flying today………. Note Queenstown is Adrenalin capital of NZ so I took the plunge”!

'G' completing pre-flight checks

‘G’ completing pre-flight checks


Another spectacular day in NZ!

Another spectacular day in NZ!

Will report his further progression as I am able.

Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, A Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle



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