……… the chair is empty and the keyboard is silent …………………

Dear Chums

This morning, as on most business days, I’m sitting in my Editor- in- Chief’s ‘Big Chair’ and gazing across the office of ‘The Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle’. As usual I am witness to the scenes of the most frenzied activity, all with the purpose of providing our loyal and voracious readership  a regular diet of scoops, news and general information necessary to achieving a rewarding and successful outdoors lifestyle.

I am proud and greatly encouraged by such commendable endeavour. Today however I feel a little saddened, because today there is a notable absence.

Usually sat at his muddled desk at the centre of this frenetic hysteria, with a firm reassuring hand upon the tiller is our generally acclaimed ‘Chief Outdoors Correspondent’, Captain St. John Glorious Farquarson RN (Retired), Glorious to his devoted followers.

Today however the chair is empty, the keyboard is silent,  and we are poorer for it. Glorious is missing.

It is always a joy to watch the maestro in full creative flow. Sleeves rolled, necktie asscue. The whiskey bottle uncorked, and heavily in use as he both verbally berates and encourages colleagues on an industrial scale as appropriate. Fingers constantly pounding the keys at a blistering pace,  bringing forth the high quality journalism with flair and always with his endearing  common touch, for which this publication is widely known and revered.

I have to report that Glorious, who has already toured extensively over the summer, is still in the midst of his final lengthy sojourn for the year and is not expected to return to this green and pleasant land until almost the onset of the Christmas season.

I can assure you that the remainder of the team here in Blighty will be working hard to maintain the high quality of content in these pages during this period of absence.

The ‘Glorious’  travels this year, as you will know from an earlier publication in this place, have taken him widely across Europe to the gates of Asia. Briefly returning to these isles for more local expeditions, he is now far away in the Antipodes.

By the careful use of the mobile communication system, Glorious has been able to keep this publication up to date with his progress upon which I am pleased to report for the benefit of his large audience of admirers and followers.

Received  14 November; a photograph portraying the essence of the Oz, and taken during a brief stop over in Sydney ….

Every thing Oz! - Taken whilst wearing my bush hat,regretiblally  no Kangaroos in shot unfor

” Taken whilst wearing my bush hat. Regrettably no Kangaroos are in shot”

His travels that have now led him on to the land of the Kiwi…..

Received 18 November; sent from Auckland, New Zealand. A view from Devonport looking East

Sent from Auckland: A view from Devonport looking East. (Beautiful day today; horrible, like UK, yesterday - wet, cold & windy. Had Vietnamese tonight - just the food you know!)

“Beautiful day today; but horrible yesterday – wet, cold & windy. Had Vietnamese tonight – just the food you know!

We will of course report further should any further communication be received.

Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, A Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle


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