News from the Chief Outdoors Correspondent


Greeting Chums:

I am able to usefully report that not only are you, dear readers, regularly digesting the content of ‘ A Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle’, but it would appear that much larger portals are also being inspired by our careful reporting.

Those of you who take subscription to other publications as part of your attempts towards self-improvement, as indeed I do myself, may have noticed that on 31st May, a few days after my escapades in Turkey were published in this place, a reasonable effort in the same vein appeared in the Times of London who reported as follows:

‘A decade ago an extraordinary excavation began in southeastern Turkey. It unearthed the oldest buildings ever found. The ruins at Göbekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill) were constructed at the very beginning of agriculture …………’

I’m sure that those readers who wish to be further enlightened will pursue the remainder of that article.

In this place it is suffice to say that we are pleased to have provided the basis for our esteemed Times of London colleagues words, and hope that should any similarly comparable entertainment occur in the future that it will be duly acknowledged in our favour.

As Ever


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