Message from the Editor

Winter Season Editor

My Dearest Chums,

Welcome to ‘ A Gentleman Adventurers Chronicle’. Allow me to begin by offering sincere felicitations to you for choosing to spend a little time reading and digesting the content of what I hope will become to you a valued publication.

An old Lithuanian saying is I think appropriate. (Although perhaps loses a little of its undoubted profundity in translation)………

…….As the New Year breathes for the first time,

As the calendar rolls over again,

we begin a fresh page, start a new chapter

Or even open a different book to the book what we was reading before……

Of course I speak not only for myself but for the esteemed band of contributors who have been assembled with the most singular of purpose. Their aim is to provide, through these pages, an entertainment, an education and an aid toward the gratification of all matters relating to the pursuance of, and enjoyment in, an outdoors lifestyle.

You will learn the arts and the skills and the abilities necessary to commune more closely with the nature and all it various habitats.

Read on and enjoy. I hope it will inspire you to seek out the gloriousness of nature. Perhaps one day, you too may feel the need to communicate your discoveries and explorations to others by contributing to an edition of this publication and in turn inspire your fellows as they have inspired you.

Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, A Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle


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