Echo and Glorious ….. “Back together again”


My Dearest Chums

Greetings to all our patient subscribers. I begin by offering humble apologies on behalf of myself and Glorious for the unacceptable interuption to posts to ‘A Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle’.

The absence and delay can be blamed completely upon shall we say, a co-incidence of ‘unavoidable life events’ which has seen your Editor relocate to a more coastal habitat, whilst the Outdoors Correspondent has lately taken full advantage of presented opportunities to undertake grand tours of both the empire and the colonies.

I shall leave unspoken any further personal explanations as I am acutely aware dear reader, you are interested solely in the pursuance of a healthy outdoor life style and not in the dalliances of your correspondents.

Be assured that we are completely committed to assisting you in the achievement of such a noble aim, and that arrangements are safely in place for the resumption of regular adventurous copy and considered comment to support those endevours and edification.

Glorious and I are much determined in our aims, so please be prepared for further installments.

Ever Yours,
Echo Sweetly BV
Proprietor and Editor, A Gentleman Adventurer’s Chronicle


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